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Family Succession

Successful families in China are facing an unprecedented challenge.

For the first time in 70 years, several million of them need to pass their family business to their. Many of them are either not interested or not ready. In one extreme case, a son lost his father’s business empire worth £400 million within four years of taking over.

Our Managing Director Dr Kevin Lin OBE has unrivalled expertise in the non-financial part of family succession. He shares with Chinese parents through –

Talks – These are presentations to small groups of parents. The audience are typically parents of children at independent schools or customers of private banking institutions.

Training course – These are one to two-day courses for parents. Topics range from how to support your child at an independent school to how to socialise with UK parents. They also include how to deal with issues from underperforming, lack of interest to isolation.

Advice – This is one-to-one confidential consultancy service. It provides families with hands-on assistance.